If you care about your sun protec­tion system…

…you look after it properly. Even a top-quality product can only continue to perform throughout its entire life­span if it is cleaned and main­tained at the recom­mended, regular inter­vals.

High-quality, but also highly complex

Like all movable compo­n­ents – such as windows and doors, for instance – the moving parts of a sun protec­tion system must be kept free of dirt and dust so you can enjoy 100% func­tio­na­lity even years after instal­ling your system. Surfaces need to be thoroughly cleaned if they become soiled.


Proper main­ten­ance for longer life

Each product from WOUNDWO comes with instruc­tions for use and clea­ning, inclu­ding lots of useful infor­ma­tion on care and main­ten­ance. This infor­ma­tion enables you to take full advan­tage of the dura­bi­lity and relia­bi­lity of your WOUNDWO products, or enhance it even further! 

Handy instruc­tions

Instruc­tions are of course supp­lied with each product, but they can also be found in the Product section of our website. In addi­tion, your WOUNDWO partner will be happy to assist if you need help with instruc­tions.


For the generous warranty from WOUNDWO 

Please note that instal­la­tion and main­ten­ance work should only be carried out by specia­list compa­nies or quali­fied profes­sio­nals. Only they have the necessary exper­tise to profes­sio­nally install or service your WOUNDWO sun protec­tion system.

Instal­la­tion specia­lists also used for main­ten­ance

Here’s a little tip from WOUNDWO: along with your purchase agree­ment, make sure you also conclude a main­ten­ance contract with your WOUNDWO dealer. This guaran­tees regular, worry-free func­tio­ning.