The ulti­mate feel-good patio 

Deli­ciously cool, plea­s­antly shaded, and shielded from prying eyes – intel­li­gent shading solu­tions from WOUNDWO make your patio a delightful spot at any time of day. And we offer a wide choice of fabrics with indi­vi­dual, highly func­tional charac­te­ris­tics. 

Whether you choose a jointed arm or free-stan­ding option, for a pergola, conser­va­to­ries or to cover a large area – thanks to WOUNDWOknow-how you can create your ulti­mate patio para­dise, to enjoy with family or friends, or just for yourself! 


Sun protec­tion that meets the highest stan­dards 

Outdoor shading solu­tions from WOUNDWOprotect you against heat and harsh light, and provide perfect privacy, improved heat insu­la­tion, and enhanced break-in protec­tion. Go for the bench­mark quality of our roller shut­ters, or treat yourself to an extra portion of flexi­bi­lity with Vene­tian blinds. 

Or would you prefer classic exte­rior blinds with inno­va­tive features added by WOUNDWO? People who are serious about shading treat them­selves to window awnings – the ideal solu­tion for the sunny side of your house! 


Crea­tive light manage­ment, a superb perfor­mance 

When it comes to using light to create the atmo­s­phere you want, leave nothing to chance – take control of your physical comfort with inte­rior shading solu­tions from WOUNDWO. With clever vertical blinds, it’s never been so easy to set the mood with lighting. 

Purists prefer the classic roller blind or inte­rior blinds. But our intel­li­gent inte­rior blinds are also the perfect way to set the stage for your home or work­place activi­ties. Pleated blinds are the versa­tile all-rounder. And panel blinds are the inge­nious room divi­ders – move them around to set colour accents and create whole new spaces. 

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