Love your patio time with awnings
Make your patio an oasis of comfort and rela­xa­tion – even in hot weather or dazz­ling sunshine. Never let the heat get to you or be blinded by the light again. Thanks to intel­li­gent awning models from WOUNDWO.

Shade, where and how you want it
Our diverse range of WOUNDWO awnings offers shading and protec­tion from the weather, under glass or over glass, from above or from the side. A wealth of fabrics and mate­rials means we can cust­o­mise to your needs.

Conser­va­tory shading
Get your conser­va­tory ready for the summer: with WOUNDWO awnings, the possi­bi­li­ties are endless! Easily and effec­tively prevent your space from over­hea­ting. Your conser­va­tory will be a cool, calm sanc­tuary!


Awnings to meet every demand 
WOUNDWO awnings are as diverse as your needs – so you’ll always find your ideal solu­tion when it comes to sun protec­tion factor, adjus­ting your shading, design, control, drive system and sustaina­bi­lity.


Quality and inno­va­tion in awnings from Austria 
When you buy WOUNDWO awnings, you’re taking home excel­lent work­manship with no compro­mise, and Austrian know-how that is renowned throughout Europe.

  • Over 200 RAL stan­dard awning colours with no surch­arge
  • More than 350 fabrics to choose from
  • Natural light entry with no glare
  • Flaw­less, conti­nuous light adjust­ment
  • High wind stabi­lity and solar reflec­tion
  • Low-main­ten­ance, dirt-repel­lent
  • Weather-proof and light-fast, highly flame retar­dant
  • Supe­rior dura­bi­lity