Protect & shade with the finest
In outdoor areas jointed arm awnings comple­ment your sun protec­tion inside, effec­tively shiel­ding you from above from the sun’s rays and turning your patio into a cool, shady spot with no heat radia­tion. This signi­fi­cantly reduces the need for cooling.

Your colour is important to us
With over 200 RAL frame colours and more than 350 fabrics, at WOUNDWO ever­yone will find the awning they want – however unusual your requi­re­ments! There’s a perfect awning model for virtually all dimen­sions and styles.

Clas­si­cally beau­tiful & full of character: jointed arm awnings
WOUNDWO jointed arm awnings can be retracted quickly and easily – by radio-controlled motor, if you wish. With cassette models, fabric and arms are opti­mally protected in the event of storms or strong wind and in winter. A wealth of fabric designs and premium quality provides a great look and guaran­tees the ulti­mate in dura­bi­lity.


Cassette, semi-cassette or simply open
The design featuring a fully enclosed cassette signi­fi­cantly leng­t­hens the life of the awning and makes it possible to use it in exposed loca­tions, as both the awning fabric and the jointed arms retract into the cassette. With a semi-cassette awning, the retracted awning fabric is kept safe from the elements by a sleeve. Open awning systems, on the other hand, are mainly used under exis­ting struc­tural elements in a shel­tered loca­tion or, if necessary, are protected by a rain canopy.

Awning instal­la­tion with no limits
WOUNDWO jointed arm awnings can be mounted on the wall, on the ceiling or even installed in the rafters, depen­ding on your requi­re­ments, in new buil­dings and during refur­bish­ment. This makes them excep­tio­nally flexible when desi­gning your home or in reno­va­tion projects.

Smart Home, remote control or crank
With WOUNDWO jointed arm awnings, you choose the level of conve­ni­ence with which you want to shade your patio.


Jointed arm awnings from WOUNDWO

  • Antiglare protec­tion through patio shading
  • Cooler patio, insu­lated from heat
  • Wide range of colours and fabrics
  • Large dimen­sions possible
  • High wind stabi­lity
  • Infrared radiant heating unit as acces­sory
  • Standard io homecontrol radio motor
  • Crank opera­tion optional
  • Optional smart remote control
  • Very weather-resis­tant fabrics
  • Dirt-repel­lent and light-fast
  • LED light bar optional
  • Valance/vario valance optional