Create the perfect play of light 
with exte­rior blinds, the room tempe­ra­ture can be adjusted perfectly to your needs. In direct sunlight, exte­rior blinds provide optimal protec­tion from the heat; they also allow for optimal control of natural light, as the slat posi­tion can be easily adjusted. Exte­rior blinds are a cost-effec­tive solu­tion which retains the high level of func­tio­na­lity.

A time­less classic
whether it’s an inner-city apart­ment block or a family home in the coun­try­side, no matter which of the many product or screen vari­ants you opt for, whether it’s our DIPLOMAT, AMBAS­SADOR, or CONTI­NENT – exte­rior blinds are the time­less classic par excel­lence! 

Simple luxury

Easy opera­tion
with cable-tensioned exte­rior blinds, you can choose between easy opera­tion using cord and crank, or optional motor opera­tion. Natu­rally, these products also come with sophis­ti­cated, state-of-the-art wire­less tech­no­lo­gies. Ask us for advice to suit your needs.

Your benefits

Exte­rior blinds from WOUNDWO

  • Easy slat adjust­ment
  • Optimal protec­tion from the heat
  • Good wind stabi­lity
  • Systems can be coupled toge­ther
  • Opera­tion with endless-cord, 
  • cord / turning rod or crank
  • Conve­nient opera­tion with motor or remote control
  • Solar radio-controlled motor
  • More than 30 slat colours

Product overview for Exterior blinds