Intel­li­gent sun protec­tion for indoor spaces
An indoor shading system greatly expands your options for crea­ting a parti­cular lighting mood or precisely mana­ging light to fall just where you want it. With pleated blinds, roller blinds, inte­rior blinds, panel blinds and vertical blinds from WOUNDWO, you’re in charge!

Light and shade choreo­gra­phed to your liking
Sun protec­tion for indoor spaces doesn’t need to with­stand the incle­ment weather condi­tions outside – so there’s even more design choice to let you subtly play with light and add your own special touches, with options such as stylish panel blinds or vertical blinds. 

Highly func­tional privacy screen and glare shield 
As well as looking good, pleated blinds, roller blinds, inte­rior blinds, panel blinds and vertical blinds add value: protect yourself and your family from prying eyes, or simply block out annoying glare.


Pleated blinds: versa­tile & atmo­s­pheric
WOUNDWO pleated blind models can be adapted to fit the most complex window shapes – and what’s more, they’re a deco­ra­tive touch and a vividly coloured shade in one.

Roller blinds: stylish, harmo­nious purism
Roller blinds are a popular feature to cover window recesses, but even with a flat wall tran­si­tion they add a touch of class with clean styling and ease of opera­tion.

Inte­rior blinds – the versa­tile classic 
Not for nothing are they a peren­nial favou­rite: with flexible slat posi­tio­ning, inte­rior blinds respond effort­lessly to all light situa­tions. And they’re excep­tional value for money – an all-round winner.

Panel blinds: repo­si­tion, divide & sepa­rate 
Use colour to great effect by dimming the light over large spaces, and then make fine adjust­ments as necessary – but panel blinds are also superb as room divi­ders.

Vertical blinds: the all-round genius
WOUNDWO vertical blinds comple­tely open up new dimen­sions in public areas, work spaces and private homes: use the full spec­trum of light!


Premium quality, long-lasting & beau­ti­fully desi­gned
Quality lasts longer: with pleated blinds, roller blinds, Vene­tian blinds and curtains from WOUNDWO, you get quality that will last for decades – made in Austria.

  • Quality made in Austria
  • Privacy screen in a host of vari­ants
  • Effec­tive protec­tion from the heat in summer
  • Reduces heating costs in winter
  • Antiglare protec­tion with a deco­ra­tive touch
  • High-quality, easy-care fabrics
  • 230 colours and patterns
  • A range of instal­la­tion and opera­ting modes
  • Child-safe in accor­dance with EN13120
  • Light-fast over many years’ use
  • Supe­rior dura­bi­lity