Effi­cient shading
No other sun protec­tion solu­tion offers such effi­cient shading as WOUNDWO roller shut­ters. Ideal in the bedroom.

Protec­tion from heat and cold
In addi­tion, WOUNDWO roller shut­ters give enhanced insu­la­tion around windows and French doors, redu­cing heat loss and indi­rectly brin­ging a saving on heating costs.

Protec­tion against weather and noise
In addi­tion, the roller shutter protects the windows from the effects of the weather and increases their life­span. It also provides effec­tive sound insu­la­tion.

Roller shut­ters as a secu­rity feature
One secon­dary effect that should not be unde­re­sti­mated: closed roller shut­ters improve break-in resis­tance, espe­cially at typical weak spots such as windows and French doors.


Indi­vi­dual roller shutter designs
With WOUNDWO roller shut­ters, you can choose between square, round or flush-mounted headbox. Gable or trian­gular windows? No problem! An addi­tional inte­grated insect screen is the ideal comple­ment to the roller shutter.

Built-on, shaft or angled roller shut­ters
Built-on roller shut­ters are the commonly used classic in new-builds and refur­bish­ments. But this type of shutter is also used in shafts. In addi­tion, angled roller shut­ters are always in demand.


Roller shut­ters from WOUNDWO

  • 100% shade possible
  • Finely adjus­table grada­tions
  • Unbea­table insu­la­tion against heat and cold
  • Valuable cont­ri­bu­tion to overall energy balance
  • Reduces need for heating or cooling
  • Increases sound insu­la­tion
  • Opti­mised break-in resis­tance, espe­cially Around windows and French doors
  • More than 200 RAL colours
  • Built-on headbox or lintel box
  • Smart auto­matic control
  • Corro­sion-resis­tant & powder-coated
  • Very long life
  • Solar opera­tion optional