Unre­stricted, flexible and large
The WING­LINE is a free-stan­ding, double-sided jointed arm awning which extends synchro­nously to both sides and can shade areas up to 58 m², making it ideal for open-air restau­rants, play areas and public spaces. The protec­tive canopy consists of a 3-part, extruded alumi­nium section, protec­ting fabric and arms from all weather condi­tions.
The entire awning is supported by two steel uprights, which are bolted into the sub-surface using outsized base­plates. Maximum sizes: 6,000x2x4,500 or 7,000x2x4,000 mm.


Sturdy and sophis­ti­cated
The WING­LINE gets its stabi­lity from two steel vertical supports, which are bolted into the sub-surface, such as concrete foun­da­tion, using base­plates.

Indi­vi­dual colour scheme 
As with all awnings from WOUNDWO, you’ll find a huge choice of frame and fabric colours, which you can freely select and combine. Make this awning your awning!

Fast, easy opera­tion
Whether at the touch of a button on a wire­less trans­mitter or via smart­phone – you control your WING­LINE conve­ni­ently to make the sun work the way you want it to.


WING­LINE free-stan­ding awning from WOUNDWO

  • Shading for large, open spaces
  • Shaded area up to 58 m²
  • Standard io homecontrol radio motor
  • Smart control optional
  • Indi­vi­dual colour selec­tion for fabric and frame
  • Fabric and jointed arms perfectly protected by design
  • VARIO­VO­LANT valance for low sun possible

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