To protect against sunrays ente­ring from the side – and keep out prying eyes
With the SIDE­LINE vertical or side wall awning by WOUNDWO, treat yourself to a side-mounted privacy screen, wind­break and antiglare protec­tion for patios, balco­nies, and the gastro­nomy sector. The SIDE­LINE system can be ideally combined with a jointed arm awning, conser­va­tory awning or pergola awning from WOUNDWO. Choose from vividly coloured, more subtle and subdued, opaque or trans­pa­rent fabrics in our collec­tion.

Fast, easy opera­tion
The system is extended manu­ally by pulling down the ergo­no­mi­cally shaped pull handle, which is clipped on the oppo­site side of the support column.

Design & Technology

Safe and robust
The SIDE­LINE can be used as an upright or an inclined system – whichever works best for your patio. The patented SLOW­MO­TION rolling brake system enables safe, controlled and smooth retrac­tion of the SIDE­LINE® from all posi­tions, with effort­less ease. The mecha­nism also stops the pull handle from impac­ting heavily against the cassette, ensu­ring a long life­span.  

No limits on handle, fabric and frame colour 
To perfectly match the SIDE­LINE with your other shading products, you can choose from all RAL colours (K7 not in neon and pearl colours) for the frame, and for the awning fabric itself select from the unique WOUNDWO fabric collec­tion. There is also a choice of 5 handle colours.

Your benefits

Side wall awning SIDE­LINE from WOUNDWO

  • Maximum extended length up to 4 m
  • Indi­vi­dual colour selec­tion for fabric, frame and pull handle
  • Range of moun­ting options
  • Upright and inclined instal­la­tion options
  • Safe opera­tion thanks to SLOW­MO­TION
  • Great combi­na­tion with WOUNDWO jointed arm awnings or PERGO-LINE


Product overview for Side wall awning

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