A new dimen­sion in sun protec­tion
With the LINEA vertical blind from WOUNDWO, you can create the perfect lighting mood in your living or work spaces, every time. Whether nice and bright, or plea­s­antly shaded – exactly what you want, right now! Choose from vividly coloured, more subtle and subdued, opaque or trans­pa­rent fabrics in our collec­tion.

Opera­tion with maximum conve­ni­ence
With a touch of your hand, you can adjust the angle of the slats to distri­bute light evenly around the room. You can even set the degree of opening to suit your own prefe­rence, as you can with a curtain – so you have ever­y­thing under control!


State-of-the-art vertical blind
Does the sun shine into your living room through large glass surfaces from 5 in the morning? No problem: with timer activa­tion, LINEA provides effec­tive protec­tion from heat, when and where you need it. 

Can be mounted virtually anyw­here & is low-main­ten­ance 
LINEA can be mounted anyw­here – on flat, sloping or even rounded surfaces on walls or ceilings. The elegant construc­tion is unob­trusive, blen­ding in harmo­niously with your exis­ting layout. Fabrics are fresh and tasteful, while also excep­tio­nally easy to clean and main­tain.


LINEA vertical blind from WOUNDWO

  • Flexible privacy screen and antiglare protec­tion
  • Precise adjust­ment of the slats
  • Protec­tion from the heat in summer
  • Version with timer
  • Addi­tional heat insu­la­tion in winter
  • Motor / remote control optional
  • Child-safe in accor­dance with EN 13120
  • 200 colours and up-to-the-minute patterns
  • Light-fast fabric quality

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