Free and inde­pen­dent of loca­tion
The FREE­LINE free-stan­ding awning is suitable for use to provide flexible shading of patios and eating areas. There’s no need to affix the FREE­LINE to a buil­ding: the system is mounted free-stan­ding on two steel supports, which are anchored to a fixed subsur­face (e.g. concrete foun­da­tion). With its size of up to 5 x 5 m, it offers endless possi­bi­li­ties to beau­tify your life. And the FREE­LINE is a winner when it comes to mobi­lity. Moving house? Simply dismantle it and put it up again somew­here else! This is just one of numerous exam­ples of use for this amazingly flexible and depen­dable product.

Fast, easy opera­tion
Whether at the touch of a button on a wire­less trans­mitter or via smart­phone – you control your FREE­LINE conve­ni­ently from your hot tub, outdoor couch or rocking chair.


ZipRail – attrac­tive, safe and robust
With the ZipRail system from WOUNDWO, you can handle ever­y­thing the wind and weather throws at you, without compro­mi­sing on design. Like all our patio products, our FREE­LINE system is CE-certi­fied. High-quality, corro­sion-resis­tant mate­rials and coatings guarantee you a long-lasting product!

Indi­vi­dual colour scheme 
As with all awnings from WOUNDWO, you’ll find a huge choice of frame and fabric colours, which you can freely select and combine. Make this awning your awning!


Free-stan­ding awning FREE­LINE from WOUNDWO

  • Shade for open spaces without the option of attach­ment to buil­dings
  • Maximum dimen­sions of up to 5 x 5 m
  • Indi­vi­dual colour selec­tion for fabric and frame
  • Standard io homecontrol radio motor
  • Smart control optional
  • Robust to with­stand wind and weather
  • Inno­va­tive fabric guidance with the ZipRail system 

Product overview for Free-Standing awning