Side-mounted Vene­tian blinds with rail or cable guide. Slats in a range of design vari­ants ensure enhanced shading and sound­proo­fing, combined with very good slat turning and closing perfor­mance. Low front cover height and, of course, an elegant appearance set the side-mounted Vene­tian blind apart.

Your benefits

  • Conti­nuous slat adjust­ment
  • Optimal protec­tion from the heat
  • High wind stabi­lity
  • Systems can be coupled toge­ther
  • Rail or cable guide
  • Crank or motor opera­tion
  • Smart Home and remote control
  • Solar radio-controlled motor
  • 14 Vene­tian blind slat colours
  • 5 diffe­rent slat geome­tries


  • SKY VZ90
  • SKY VZ70
  • SKY T80
  • SKY K80
  • SKY F80

Product overview for Sky the versa­tile vene­tian blind